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In Grimmwood, players take on the role of refugees fleeing a European war in the 16th century, with a mysterious and magical forest being the only place they can go to avoid the war.

In this game, you will become one of the hardworking, God-fearing town folk that have fled the horrors of a nameless 16th-century European war. There is nothing but blood, fire and pain left behind you. The one place in the world, which the war has not reached, seems to be the Great Forest, where you’re headed, seeking refuge.

On your way, you meet other people – strangers with strange tales to tell. You stick together because it’s your best chance to survive. Deep into the woods, you build your own village. Just a few measly huts at first, it must grow and strengthen if you are to last.

The forest around you is a different world, magical and mystical, beautiful and scary. Step by step you discover ancient secrets you wish were left forgotten.

~ from the official site